To the sleepless, this is my reply.

I'll write you a lullaby

Like a child dizzy on lemonade
25 May 1993
ordinary don't mean nothing

Hello my name is Nadia. I'm somewhere in the middle of 7 and 17. Tennis matches are like my crack. Harry Potter isn't just a fandom, it's a way of life. I like british indie bands, british panel shows and English accents. I strongly dislike Wuthering Heights, my favourite novel is To Kill a Mockingbird and don't even talk to me about the shitfest that is the ~Twilight Saga. I basically only ever listen to Jack's Mannequin, bands that involve Conor Oberst and mindless k-pop songs. I love Dong Youngbae and Jamie Bell. I watch Criminal Minds, Bones, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory and Supernatural. Hi, I talk too much.

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